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Hi there 👋! I'm a third-year software engineering student currently pursuing a B.S.C in Software Engineering and Multimedia at Limkokwing University, Freetown, Sierra Leone. My dream is the same for almost every programmer which is to make the next billion dollar franchise be it a mobile app, a game or website. My nickname is Phenom Fvr.

I love creating VR/AR prototypes and playing with Artificial Intelligence! I also love learning new things and gaining experience in different areas of the "Computer Science World"! Totally Friendly and Communicative ✌️. Welcome to my portfolio!

Orange Digital Center and Simplon 2nd Cohort -
Full Stack Web and Mobile Developer Programme
Currently awaiting Certificate

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Link Here

This project is still in progress, It's an Artificial Intelligence project that is basically a Virtual Assistant that assists the user to do different things, this project is not to be confused with the Famous ChatGPT-3 as this AI is being trained to use the Local or Common dialect called Krio in Sierra Leone as to help people with dis-abilities fill in the gap as to use some basic needs like for example - the virtual assistant helping a blind user use the Orange Money App. Check the link above to test it.

Clients Work

CJ BEM Official Website

Link Here

This website is for CJ BEM SL LTD- which is a startup Tech company that was founded by Mr. Chernoh Yayah Jagitay (a pharmacist and an entrepreneur) on the 7th of may 2020. It started on the 1st June 2020, with the idea of empowering small start up and SME businesses through the use of technology that is a mobile solution. I built their Official Website and it will be hosted officially by them soon.

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